Advertising on Arts Knoxville

Advertising on Arts Knoxville is an excellent way to reach a dedicated audience that seeks out experiences in music, visual arts, film, theatre, dance, and literature. That eclectic audience is also defined by its interest in the peripheral areas of dining, nightlife, and travel.

Advertising rates effective November 1, 2017

• Run period is 1 calendar month or 4 weeks that match an event schedule
• Ad design/graphics services are available, but not included in these rates
• Sizes vary slightly depending on viewing monitor, screen, or device

Medium Rectangle sidebar ad, 300 x 250 pixels —> $75.00/month
Large Rectangle sidebar ad, 300 x 500 pixels —> $110.00/month
Mid-page horizontal banner ad, 880 x 110 —> $110.00/month
Large footer ad, 880 x 330 —> $200.00/month 

Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 pixels

Large Rectangle: 300 x 500 pixels

Horizontal Banner: 880 x110 pixels

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