Alan Sherrod
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From a background in music, motion pictures, and theatre, Alan Sherrod has been writing about Knoxville's diverse art and music scene since 2007 — first as the classical/new music writer for the alternative weekly Metro Pulse, then later in the same capacity for the Knoxville Mercury. In response to the closure of Metro Pulse in 2014 by its parent company, Sherrod created ARTS KNOXVILLE to provide a home for Knoxville arts journalism. Following the closure of the Knoxville Mercury in July 2017, he expanded ARTS KNOXVILLE into the site it is today — a site dedicated to growing the arts journalism legacy of Metro Pulse and the Knoxville Mercury. In addition to covering Knoxville's arts scene, he has also contributed music content to the Nashville Scene and other publications around the U.S, including the website, Classical Journal. Mr. Sherrod was a recipient of a 2010 Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts — the Arts Journalism Institute in Classical Music and Opera — under the auspices of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Friday: Delingerfest Begins

American contemporary composers must wage constant battles–battles for recognition, for work, and for performances of their work. Occasionally, though, the planets align for both composer and au…

A Catharsis and a KSO Review

Wednesday of this week was a gray, dreary, depressing day in Knoxville—and I don’t just mean the weather. The rain from the sky that day was no match for the visible and invisible tears that fell from…