KnoxTacular Coming March 5 to Benefit the Knoxville Mercury

KnoxTacularThe Knoxville Mercury began its independent life last March with truly spectacular support from both Knoxville citizens and from those who admire, respect, and demand independent journalism. However, the business arrangement under which the Mercury operates—a not-for-profit publication supported by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, in our case the Knoxville History Project—requires support quite different than a daily newspaper. As Mercury Senior Editor Matthew Everett writes: “The way we work now has more in common with public radio than with traditional for-profit magazines and newspapers.”

The Mercury is joining with WDVX to host Knoxtacular on March 5 at the Bijou, an all-day variety show “promoting the many varieties of Knoxville art, culture, and entertainment”. Knoxtacular is a benefit for WDVX, the Mercury, and the Knoxville History Project. Please help independent journalism in Knoxville continue–and, for me and you, this includes the coverage for the Knoxville arts and music scene.

Read all about the event in this week’s Knoxville Mercury, in the print version or online here.

Also read Editor Coury Turczyn’s “This Publication Is Not Free” on why you need to support independent journalism in Knoxville.