Opening Friday at Theatre Knoxville Downtown: ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure’

TKD_SherlockSherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure — by Steven Dietz, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and William Gillette

–Directed by Patrick McCray
Theatre Knoxville Downtown, 319 N. Gay Street
April 21-May 7: Thu/Fri/Sat at 8:00 PM; Sunday at 3 PM
Tickets $15, Reservations


Sherlock Holmes: David Snow
Dr. John H. Watson: Pete Counce
Irene Adler: Rebecca Gomez
Professor Moriarty: Tiffany Tallent
King of Bohemia: Steve Louis
Sid Prince: Stephen Drew
James Larabee: Josh Bigwood
Madge Larabee: Kara Van Veghel
Postboy/Clergyman/Policeman/Young Swiss Man – Dan Primka

The world’s greatest detective has seemingly reached the end of his remarkable career when a case presents itself that is too tempting to ignore: The King of Bohemia is about to be blackmailed by a notorious photograph, and the woman at the heart of this crime is the famous opera singer, Irene Adler. With his trusted companion, Doctor Watson, at his side, Sherlock Holmes pursues first the case, and then the affections of Miss Adler—and in doing so, marches right into the lair of his longtime adversary, that malevolent genius of crime: Professor Moriarty. In this spirited, fast-moving and thoroughly theatrical adaptation, Steven Dietz presents Holmes at the height of his powers—surrounded by all the elements that fans of his exploits have come to expect: danger, intrigue, wit, humor and surprise. “The game is afoot, Watson—and it is a dangerous one!”