nief-norf Summer Festival–June 7-20

The Big Ears Festival has benefited Knoxville in countless ways, some obvious and glaringly important, but many more invisible or understated and, nonetheless, critical to the music scene and the city’s image. One of these benefits has been the exposure and publicity given to the contemporary music organization, nief-norf, and its notable performances at this year’s festival. While…

Tonight: The Pro Arte Quartet at UT

The Pro Arte Quartet has been around since 1912. Founded by conservatory students in Brussels, the group’s rich history includes Bela Bartok’s dedication of his fourth string quartet and the premiere of Barber’s opus 11 string quartet that features as its slow movement music that has become the “Adagio for Strings.” The quartet (current members David Perry and Suzanne Beia, violin; Sally Chisholm, viola; and Parry Karp, cello) can be heard in recital this evening, Monday February 29, courtesy of the University of Tennessee School of Music.